Sunday, April 18, 2010

Episode 13.5--Reunion and Thunderbolt's Astonishing Usefulness

“Oh it’s you.” Thunderbolt said sounding annoyed. “I always knew you’d come walking back into our lives one day.” She stood, looking furious, her arms crossed across her chest, one lip stuck out angrily to the side.

“What happened?” Lonely Dog asked, sounding close to hysterics. “I saw…the hedgehog…”

“Number One cliché in Fantasies slash animes.” A young women’s voice responded. “If there’s no body, they’re not dead.”

“Oh.” There was an awkward silence as the three people all tried to stare at each other without the other’s noticing it, till suddenly as one body all three converged together into a giant group hug, each individual crying, though none would admit to it later.

“I thought you were dead!”

“I thought I was too!”

“We lost AKiN!”

“WHAT?!?” The Fountain of Fantasy Cliché’s suddenly pushed away from the group, concern written on her face. “When? Where?”

“Just after you…died.” Thunderbolt said quietly. “She suddenly teleported mid-step. We’re trying to build a portal so we can find her.”

“Dajhgglksdjf, just as I suspected.” Doris began pacing frantically across the cliff top. “Did she leave behind anything vital?” Doris asked looking at Lonely Dog who held up the Organ Cooler for her to see.

“Her stomach.”

“Thank goodness it wasn’t something worse.” Doris said grabbing the cooler and opening it up. She immediately turned a shade of green, snapped it closed and vomited on the ground. “Disgusting.”

“It is a stomach.” Thunderbolt said with irritation. “They’re not exactly snuggly.”

“Anyway,” Doris said ignoring Thunderbolt. “It’s essential that we head towards the nearest portal and track AKiN down. She’s in grave danger.”

“We don’t have the final puzzle piece.” Lonely Dog said mournfully.

“You mean this puzzle piece?” The halfing asked smirking as she held up a puzzle piece roughly half the size of her short frame.

“And besides that, how are we supposed to get off the cliff face?” Lonely Dog continued. “It took us hours just coming up.”

“Leave that to me.” Thunderbolt said, looking towards the sky. Doris and Lonely Dog turned in unison, eyebrows quirked in disbelief that this changeling could be any help. They gasped together at what happened next.

Thunderbolt’s eyes clouded over, turning milky white, the clouds above swirled into a darkened mass, crackling with lightning and booming with unconstrained thunder. The wind’s fervor picked up into a gale that threatened to whip the group off the cliff-top, all except Thunderbolt whose feet had left the ground as the wind swirled around her and lifted her a couple feet into the air. She turned her head, her hair swirling wildly, towards her two friends who were hanging onto the ground as if their lives depended on it.

“HOLD ON TO ME!” She shouted above the wind. Lonely Dog and Doris looked at each other and then leapt forward and clasped onto Thunderbolt’s legs. Within moments they were flying through the air, down towards the ground.


  1. Oh my Goodness! Is that a Dory?! Back from the dead?! Yay! Very important fact: If there's no body, they're not dead.

    If you're confused as to how our little fountain is still alive, think of Gandalf the Grey...I mean really? What the crap was up with that whole ordeal?

  2. YESSS! I love you, Ashley! And I'm so happy my alter-ego is alive again.